Can a Sari keep you warm?

Indian saris have been traditionally used to keep women cool and elegantly covered. They’re made of 5 meters of fabric and usually worn with a top. They’re not usually worn for warmth. At I was a Sari, we’re taking the sari global, turning her into contemporary wear and accessories. So we gave our Design Team a challenge - can a sari become winter wear? Fighting darkness with color Winter wear has always been a tough nut to make chic and bright. Here’s where our Design [...]

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Demystifying Upcycling and Recycling

Sustainability - we can call it the buzzword of the pandemic era, with food, travel and fashion industry using it way too often! But is it really important, and should it mean anything to us we ask - when used in the right spirit, of course a big resounding yes!  Owing to rising substantial global climate changes and living in a prolonged pandemic, the onus of sustainability lies not just on a selected few, but the current state of affairs is alarmingly urging all of [...]

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The Sari Story – across generations and cultures

We at I was a Sari are obsessed with the Saris, obviously! We have thousands of them and we work with them during the day and dream of them during the night… Are you a Sari enthusiast? Or find Sari even remotely interesting? You are at the right place, our fellow Sari admirer! In this article, we will be highlighting the journey of Sari from being a traditional garment to a quintessential classic and it’s new second life with us. Sari, in Sanskrit, translates as [...]

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The way forward for I was a Sari

Since we started as an experiment in 2013, to the incorporation of a registered company, 2nd Innings Handicrafts Pvt Ltd in 2016 and now in 2021, braving our way through the pandemic – the ride we’ve had so far, is nothing short of an adventure. The journey so far, as our founder Stefano likes to call, has been serendipitous, as things have happened more like chance encounters, and we’ve managed to find our way forward as we moved along. And then along the way, came the [...]

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8 Simple tips for transitioning towards a Sustainable Wardrobe

You’ll probably have your feed full of posts this week about environmental issues and what you should be doing to save the planet from every influencer and brand that you follow. With days like the World Environment  Day, which is on June 5th by the way, becoming more and more hyped – what does it truly mean and is it driving any real change or meaningful conversations? We hope it does! The fact is that we do need to address and do a lot of [...]

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Envisaging the Covid-Era Wardrobe

Leisurewear has become the wardrobe staple in these unprecedented times that we are living in. Right from work meetings over Zoom calls to Covid-compliant get-togethers on the weekends or virtual happy hour in places that are still under lockdown, leisurewear has risen to this occasion of people shifting to comfort dressing. And thankfully, that’s something we have been doing here at I was a Sari, since its inception. We have always prioritized comfort along with style. Our products ranging from PJ sets, kaftans, tunic sets, [...]

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Celebrating Women’s Day Every Day

At I was a Sari, every single day is International Women’s Day. One of the key aspects of our circular business model lies in our commitment to community and empowering local women who hail from underprivileged backgrounds, by offering them secure, enduring employment. March shines the light on the challenges faced by women worldwide, and gives us a chance to tell the story of our 170 artisans, who have not let their origins stop them. Some key facts: 57% never worked before, 55% moved to [...]

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Spread Love Sustainably

In this uncertain age, February, the month of love, means so much more to us.  Our friendship, admiration, and LOVE is not only extended to the women who make our clothes, but also to the ecosystem in which we live. Making a conscious choice and buying from I was a Sari goes beyond the sustainable planet-friendly product. It also implies that you are empowering someone with steady employment and pioneering eco-conscious habits. Explore our thoughtful and unique range of womenswear, menswear, footwear and more. Our [...]

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A Year in Review

Few hugs and kisses were exchanged in 2020. For endless days and months, we yearned for the sound of laughter, energetic chatter and the simplicity of sharing a meal together as an I was a Sari family. For many of our artisans, lockdown meant camping out at homes with no social distancing, sharing sleeping spaces and bathrooms, unable to escape the sort of domestic situations that brought them to us in the first place. With the understanding of how difficult this situation is for them, [...]

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63 Sunny Tales from Lockdown

As the saying goes “we’re all in this storm together but we’re all traveling in different sized boats.” 2020 has been the year the world went into lockdown. Staying in and zooming has become the new going out. And lockdown for some of our community has been described as ‘a gift’ - a way to go deeper inside, through creativity and mindful practices. But certainly not for everyone! This is the story of what kept 63 people sane across 16 cities and widely fluctuating income [...]

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